Importance Of Pregnancy Information

Published: 23rd February 2010
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Nowadays are the days of the informative era. The information plays the role of the greatest importance. It is concerning all aspects of the human existing. The most important period of the human's life is pregnancy. It is important as for mother as well for her future baby. For example if the pregnant lady is bitten by a dog, there is a great chance that her future child would hate or/and fear dogs.

Psychology calls it the subconsciousness. Being not even born jet, a baby's personality is already forming. Most subconscious fears and desires as well as talents are forming during intrauterine development. So, all the life of the person depends on the pre-natal stage. That's why we may say that the importance of pregnancy information is very high.

There are lots of aspects concerning pregnancy. The most important factors are nutrition and living conditions. Also there are things to avoid during pregnancy. Let's start our pregnancy information observation with them.

First of all pregnant women should avoid drugs. Of cause all people should avoid drugs, though in the case of gravid women it is even more actual. Using drugs most likely would cause a miscarriage (some drugs cause uterus involution, some just make a serious harm to the embryo). If you were lucky and the baby is born there is a very little present that it is a healthy child. Also most probably that it is already drug addicted.

Alcohol and tobacco are prohibited as well. If you have ever used the mentioned things you should experienced nausea some times you smoked or dinked. All the matters that are swallowed up by the mother are shared with embryo. Imagine if a cigarette was enough for you to vomit the first time you had a smoke, then what should feel a little creature in the womb after your cigarettes? Alcohol and tobacco may become a cause of the miscarriage as well as drugs. Also they may lead to serious defections of the baby's organism.

The other thing pregnant women should avoid is physical load. Pregnant woman should not lift things that weigh more than three kilos. It may also lead to miscarriage or baby's organism defections.

There is special nutrition for gravid women. They should avoid caffeine. Also they should not eat much sweet or fish. There are some kinds of fish that are prohibited to eat during pregnancy: sharks, swordfish, king mackerel and tilefish. Special diet for gravid ladies includes products that contain: iron, folic acid, calcium and vitamin D. Of cause there are some other elements that are necessary for pregnant women. Professionals have developed lots of special diets.

Living conditions are also very important. There should be no stresses for pregnant woman and her baby. Emotional state of the mother influences the offspring. Also there should be appropriate ecology and comfort. Clean fresh air is a necessary condition for a pregnancy period. That's why it would be right to go somewhere in the countryside. Also, there shouldn't be a lack of attention to the pregnant woman. is the online source that contains a lot of pregnancy information and even a pregnancy forum.

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