Gucci Bags: Carry Style With You

Published: 08th December 2009
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We have all heard of Gucci bags. There cannot be anyone who hasn't. Every celeb has one, including the males. They are much sought after, and very expensive. You could actually be put on a waiting list to get a Gucci bag.

Gucci itself, as a company, as always has been one to keep us on our toes. Just when we think we have them figured out, Gucci switches to something new, or goes back to what it did previously. They don't like to become stale so that they actually have a set style. They constantly change their style. Gucci also never sticks with what current trends are, at least not when it comes to handbags.

While Gucci had been known now for a while as the brand of designer bags which huge blingy pieces, they have now turned around and gone back to more natural roots. While they are returning to more natural looking bags, the style they had in the 70's, everyone else is trying to recreate their glitzy 80's look. After all, sadly, the 80's are coming back. I fear this. I fear...the neon.

If you are one of those people that embrace the neon acid trip 80's designs, however, you still won't be disappointed by Gucci. They want to make money like any company, so in their natural collection, there are some funkier purses and bags as well. So, if you're clinging to the 80's with all the might your hairspray- sticky hands have, and then don't fret, Gucci hasn't forgotten you.

If you are like me, however, and prefer to let the 80's lay dead and buried, Gucci has most of its collection dedicated to you this season. Their bags are coming out in classical style with classical colors while still maintaining a modern trendy feel.

A few of the bags include the 'Hysteria Hobo', which you can purchase in beige, but with a crystal fabric. Or maybe you'd like the Icon Bit, its black multi color leather and will class-up any outfit. These and many others are included in Gucci's handbag line this year.

So, why shouldn't I just go with a replica Gucci bags and gucci shoes? It's much cheaper and easier to obtain. Well, yes, that is true. But if you go this route you won't be getting an actual designer bag with superior materials and craftsmanship in every detail. You might not even get a bag that exactly resembles a Gucci bag.

You will be getting some spotty workmanship with cheap fake materials. These replicas are made en masse. They are meant to be really cheap to make so that they sell for really high profits. That's why people make knock offs in the first place.

If you're the kind of person that likes to show off their wealth and fashion, it's really a good idea to stay away from replicas. People can tell. Especially if they look close enough or touch them. Touching them is a dead give away because the material on a replica is so poor and the stitching is often horrendous. So, do yourself a favour and stay away.

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